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New Post- Old Stuff

On the flea front... cat is free! Living room is not... but SOON! On the work front... I count my blessings every day. Not just for the privilege of working, but for having the physical ability TO wor...... Read More
Posted by maggiesnextphase with 21 comments

P-TV: Pokey Visits London

...... Read More
Posted by pokeybanana with 21 comments

Things happen

....for a reason? Remember tree man? Hmmm. Well I went to CrossFit and worked out. There is a new gal who is sort of big and a bit self concious of herself. She is a bit shy, so I have been her '...... Read More
Posted by LouieLouie with 17 comments

I've fallen, but I did get up

Amazing how one second you can be fine and the next second you are tripping and sailing through the air falling. That's what happen to me. From where I tripped and where I landed is a good dista...... Read More
Posted by sfeastbay with 15 comments

Walking Tuesday

I am finishing my 2nd cup of coffee and then will get myself together for walking the dogs at the Humane society. I walked our girls and came across acorns I have decided to collect a few and give the...... Read More
Posted by peacefulthinking with 14 comments

Cancer Scare

This is Enoch. We call him Eeny (as in Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo). Eeny is 23 months old. Eeny is an energetic, very, very busy little boy. He never stops. He doesn't speak much. He only has about 20...... Read More
Posted by ZenofKen with 13 comments

Bucket List Trip 2019 - Canada - Kamloops

After the stop at Craigellachie it was approximately another two hours drive to Kamloops. the clear blue skies still holding.... some nice scenery along the way... the outskirts of Kamloops It was ab...... Read More
Posted by Maria with 13 comments

Nephew Update

Just a quick update on my nephew for those who are wondering.... He is now home from Pittsburgh hospital. He had a great team of doctors. They were able to fix all the fractures etc.../screws/pins wha...... Read More
Posted by gingerdoxie with 12 comments

A Moderate Point of View: "The Elaine Massacre and the Elaine 12"!! It is important that you Never Stop Learning Your History!

HISTORY/PERSONAL OPINION/COMMENTARY: Until this morning, I had never heard of the "Elaine Massacre or the Elaine Twelve" and as a History Wonk and former History Teacher, I was ashame that...... Read More
Posted by AMODPOVW with 10 comments

Thought I was gonna meet Jesus!

I just realized I hvent written in 10 days! After last night I think its time to get my head clear. I have been tied up with the neighbor, she went down again and is back in the Hospital. She refused...... Read More
Posted by 4lorac323 with 9 comments

They will come for you.. In Masses. (Or Attack of the Blue Meanies.)

It's just a simple fact of life, as long as there are more than one or two people in any given conversation there are going to be disagreements. Sorry to have to break that unfortunate news to y...... Read More
Posted by rantshack with 8 comments

Too busy here

it's busy here, so I don't pop in often. sorry about that. life has become harder (cn't want to get to Heaven!!) because Mom is more like a child, and that nerve pain won't let up...... Read More
Posted by riverglorious with 8 comments

why Evangelicals hate Muslims; from a sane Evangelical

Same thing with LGBTQ, atheists and everyone else Evangelicals whine about on social media. The majority of nonsense they hate and fear, including, yes, "illegals," these haters know nothing...... Read More
Posted by beingnobody with 8 comments

Taking Care Of Me

On Saturday I got a phone call from a scammer. The caller ID said the call was from my utility company so I answered it. As soon as the spiel started I knew the number had been spoofed. My utility com...... Read More
Posted by ButteroseSherry with 8 comments

One in every crowd

There are happy people, sad people, angry people, then there is that one who is happy one minute and mad the next. What is person to do when she sees you and does an eye roll,, gives nasty looks and t...... Read More
Posted by tesstruhartz1 with 8 comments

good morning

This is a photo post containing 1 photo... Read More
Posted by ricciw55 with 7 comments

that sums it up.........

...... Read More
Posted by Jollyonehere with 7 comments

+11 RIP Lucy

Lucy. 15.08.2004 - 12.08.2019...... Read More
Posted by fangio821 with 7 comments

Me = Crap = Mindy = Me More Crap.

Well now who is a twit, and who may find out tomorrow just how much of a bloody twit she is yup stupid old me. BUT let's start at the beginning of my day. First off I cancelled my appointment to...... Read More
Posted by Shaunepawn with 7 comments

Our New Keurig

I finally bought one of those Keurig coffee makers. I bought it for my husband's birthday which is 2 months away but since the store had a whole pile of them sitting in the center aisle I thought...... Read More
Posted by AmalaTsering with 6 comments

No, trump, I certainly DON'T have to vote for you...and I won't

With his usual arrogance, trump informed those attending his rally in New Hampshire that they had no choice but to vote for him. According to him, the economy would have crashed in 2017 if he had not...... Read More
Posted by scenefromtheleft with 6 comments


Well after 8 months it is finally finished. It has taken a long time as I only did it a few hours at a time and then I had loads of individual stitches to do which drove me crazy! I just need to iron...... Read More
Posted by hillmate with 6 comments

Hold On My Heart....Phil Collins

...... Read More
Posted by bluesonrisas with 5 comments

love is

Love is the strongest of all the passions for it attacks simultaneously....the head the Heart and the senses** author,,,unknown...... Read More
Posted by greenfairy with 5 comments

10 Things (That Don't Exist)

This is part of my 10 things series. This one's for all those bleevers out there. 10 things that don't exist Ghosts The Yeti Freedom Most conspiracies Aliens on Planet Earth The Average Pers...... Read More
Posted by Oakie2012 with 5 comments

Emotionally Left Him

I've been with my partner for eight years and a large part of that has been spent with me feeling miserable. He bothers me and just him being around upsets me, we fight everyday. He wants intamcy...... Read More
Posted by ontheoutside with 5 comments

After Consulting with Peter Thiel Trump Decrees Wearing the Wrong Shoes a Capital Crime

Thanks to the man on the president's left, many people will be hung, shot, electrocuted, given the lethal injection, gassed, stoned and beheaded, all at the same time...... Read More
Posted by MisterCox with 4 comments

Do You Agree With FOX ?

Do You Agree With FOX? by smfmystery 16-August-2019, 6:27 pm Politics Media so detests Trump they would sacrifice prosperity to see him lose in 2020: Varney Stuart Varney, Fox Business 5 hours ago...... Read More
Posted by smfmystery with 4 comments

Quotes of the Day

Positive Quote of the Day Write your Sad times in Sand, Write your Good times in Stone. - George Bernard Shaw Funny Quote of the Day I can resist everything except temptation. - Oscar Wilde Love Quote...... Read More
Posted by BrotherDocs with 4 comments

Stalin vs preacher a farce in the keys to E minus.

Once upon a time education was considered the finest gift a parent could bestow upon their child, besides the feudal title to Berkshire of course, were such a place to exist. Education is, for the man...... Read More
Posted by actual-reality with 4 comments

Epstein; Dreyfus

I’m not much into conspiracies. I think they require too much effort by too many people and, let’s face it, most people can’t keep a secret. I do believe there’s a lot more to...... Read More
Posted by epiphanettes with 4 comments

Prayers....Blessings....Good Morning!

I'm back! I do thank everyone for prayers. Those prayers sure helped! I am still using a special cushion, but I can now sit for longer periods of time. There is still some pain, but I can handle...... Read More
Posted by ellie1142545 with 3 comments

We are being invaded! Are you?

One morning you wake up and everywhere you look there are scooters. They are on the corner, laying down on neighbor's lawns, blocking sidewalks, etc. And to think just 'yesterday' they...... Read More
Posted by greatmartin with 3 comments


...... Read More
Posted by RaggedmanReloaded with 3 comments


When one asserts that something is “evil,” one presupposes much; one may, but need not, detail all that is presupposed – such would be an exhaustive endeavor – nominally we as...... Read More
Posted by tjdonegan with 3 comments

Found on Web.Portland Demonstration.Good Report

This is some of the worst bias reporting I have seen. It's all about the "RIGHT WING" groups. I watched a live feed of this from a reporter who follows AntiFa and I can tell you right...... Read More
Posted by joerff with 3 comments

The Right-Wing American Love Affair With One of the Most Disturbing Serial Killers

Published on Tuesday, August 13, 2019 by Common Dreams The Right-Wing American Love Affair With One of the Most Disturbing Serial Killers A monster who boasted of how he had hacked up a 12-year-old g...... Read More
Posted by ceilede with 2 comments

Save Us GEN Z

That's not fair to Gen Z. I mean, they're just entering middle and high school, and others are in or exiting college so of course they're gonna love Netflix lol. Gen Z seems to be aski...... Read More
Posted by MaxLiberty with 2 comments

Office Of Shame

Office Of Shame - Fact is, no matter how much we want to disown "the mistake” in the White House, the mistake was ours...... Read More
Posted by udontsay with 2 comments

The Children of Martha On the Scots-Irish Migraton Trail

The Children of Martha On the Scots-Irish Migraton Trail Bernard Pyron See: . Martha Carney Blackburn had at least eleven children who lived to be adult...... Read More
Posted by halfback with 1 comments

Pacific Garden Mission

...... Read More
Posted by chspurgeon with 0 comments

können Sie ein kühnes kurzes Gesellschaftskleid probieren

Whrend einer Gesellschaftstanzparty ist Tanz ein wichtiger Teil der Party. So whlen Sie ein Kleid, das Bequemlichkeit zum Tanzen ist von entscheidender Bedeutung. Stellen Sie also sicher, dass Ihr K...... Read More
Posted by hakameni with 0 comments

Canapeaua extensibilă face parte din istoria oamenilor

Canapeaua extensibilă face parte din istoria oamenilor Pe ct de ridicol sună titlul, pe att de adevărat este. Canapeaua extensibilă nu doar că a oferit un nou mod de a te odihni, de a te relax...... Read More
Posted by smartystuff with 0 comments

Some Male Pisces

Some male Pisces are very strange, You can’t tell if they are real or just playing games, Their way of showing love don’t bring them fame, Making you want to send them down the drain. Conf...... Read More
Posted by princesssheba with 0 comments

황희찬 어시 영상 1골 2어시

오스트리아 분데스리가에서 활약하고 있는 황희찬 입니다. 분데스리그와 리그앙 영국 프리미어리그에서 활약하고 있는 국내 선수들의 활약과 다양한...... Read More
Posted by ramisilioi with 0 comments

Do I Care What Colour Her Hair Is?

...... Read More
Posted by wesleyonrot with 0 comments

Most Realistic Dildo To Buy In 2019

Sex stores are filled with dozens of delightful devices each designed to tease and taunt you with promises of ultimate orgasmic ecstasy. For me it's definitely that characteristic Vixskin squish...... Read More
Posted by stantonmonrad55ufubai with 0 comments

Wavosaur single audio editor

In:software program ,SMSHow shindig you employ SIM make the addition of HP-6910p and might i exploit this slot to send and recive SMS is there any software program or driver?Fred Cohen modern the prim...... Read More
Posted by bruunfinch45kvzmee with 0 comments

How to Recover PowerPoint Presentation Password If Lost

Forgot password and cannot open and edit your PowerPoint file? Don't worry, this article will show you how to crack a PowerPoint ppt/pptx file password easily after forgot it. Works for PowerPoi...... Read More
Posted by winpassword with 0 comments

The Alt-right's Outrage Over Fbi Behavior Towards Trump - Where Were They For Decades Of Fbi Abuse? The Entire History Of A Corr

John Chuckman COMMENT POSTED TO AN ARTICLE IN INVESTMENTWATCH “Corrupt FBI was running a treasonous espionage operation against Trump… and it’s all about to come out” Of cours...... Read More
Posted by chuckman with 0 comments


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