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The Last Blogger Standing - Should They Leave Or Should They Stay?

I am seeing some things on Blogster that will only lead to its destruction. Bloggers that restrict comments. Bloggers that block bloggers. Bloggers that blog about other bloggers and entertain gossip...... Read More
Posted by Thewritertwo with 88 views

(Update) FRIDAY FIVES: $19,800 A Life Changing Amount?

I am behind answering notifications and PMs so just a quick update before we get into Friday Fives for this week, which I am posting early in anticipation of being busy over the next few days. Simon m...... Read More
Posted by Imperatrix with 84 views

I Passed!!

The CDL test, that is. What a relief! It went better than I expected. Thankfully they didn't ask for names of all the parts in a steering or suspension systems. For some reason my brain goes into...... Read More
Posted by maggiesnextphase with 70 views

Nothing Like Waiting Until the Last Minute

When I signed up for my writing assignment it was about three weeks ago and I had every intention of doing it as soon as possible. The deadline was today. Well, I did it yesterday. I decided I would w...... Read More
Posted by MarissaG with 68 views

Assault on a Wizard

Stick with me here, please. I am going someplace with this, I hope, but it may take three or four posts to get there. I beg you not to lose interest although, this being Blogster, some of you already...... Read More
Posted by ZenofKen with 66 views

I Was Dumb To Think Trump Was Different

Trump's anti-globalist stance may have been the #1 reason I voted for him, but it was his non-interventionist foreign policy that got me listening to him in the first place. As much as I'm a...... Read More
Posted by MaxLiberty with 61 views

A Moderate Point of View: The Trump Doctrine...Transactional Diplomacy, American Foreign Policy under Trump!

PERSONAL OPINION/ANAYLSIS/COMMENTARY: In October 2017 Thomas Friedman of the New York Times penned a piece on the "Trump Doctrine". Mr. Friedman covered a number of different areas that we...... Read More
Posted by AMODPOVW with 53 views

The Easter eggs were always hidden in the same place

I always liked when it was time to dye eggs for Easter. The excitment of getting the Paas kit at the store and seeing what fun stuff was inside. It seems it took forever for my mother to hard boil a...... Read More
Posted by sfeastbay with 52 views

Throat Punch Thursday

Here it is again...seems like it comes around every week. Sigh. Who is your nominee today? Who is crawling into your space? Even though she is already dead, I nominate the 18 year-old girl who flew fr...... Read More
Posted by bigfatdaddy with 51 views

Trump; Multiple Acts Aimed At Obstructing An Investigation.

WASHINGTON — President Trump committed “multiple acts” aimed at obstructing the Russia investigation, but was ultimately saved from being charged with a crime in part because his top...... Read More
Posted by smfmystery with 51 views

"Jewel" at Singapore's Changi Airport

Every time I go to Singapore I always take heaps of photos of the airport because every time there is something new or something else to see. I have posted probably at least half a dozen blogs about t...... Read More
Posted by Maria with 51 views

I am here

I just want to say hi. I am alive and well. Brain refuses to work right. I am moving thru some family troubles and some dark places. I will get thru it all because that is what I do. Perhaps soon I wi...... Read More
Posted by katskorner with 46 views

lets look at Kamala Harris with a question

Kamala Harris gets probably the most discussion in public of any of the women running for President except Elizabeth Warren. I think it is beyond time that women have a chance at gettin into the Whit...... Read More
Posted by scenefromtheleft with 46 views

2017 Pew Research Poll; majority of Republicans say college is bad

Seriously? The article says it all. Prior to Trumps election, Conservatives and Democrats agreed that college education was a great benefit to the country, but after the election of Trump, who voracio...... Read More
Posted by beingnobody with 45 views

Pete is Wrong About Homosexuality

April 22, 2019 Pete Buttigieg Is Wrong about Homosexuality By Don Boys Mayor Pete Buttigieg, the media, and academia are all fouled up about what perversion is! Since the mayor is an admitted homosexu...... Read More
Posted by us2nomads with 39 views

Chris Wallace - at Fox News Sunday - a study in conscious, or inveterate, bias?

Yesterday (04/21/19) - on Fox News Sunday - Chris Wallace first interviewed Rudi Giuliani regarding the findings of the Mueller Report, followed by a interview of California Congressman Adam Schiff...... Read More
Posted by tjdonegan with 39 views

A Freeborn Man

Of The Travelling People.... Old Paddy Riley was regularly seen sitting on the steps of the fountain outside the Town Hall on Main Street back home in Ireland whenever the weather was fine. He was con...... Read More
Posted by wicklowmick with 38 views

Where are the pitch forks and torches?

Well folks, the Mueller report came out, many on one side thought it would vindicate Trump, and on the other side, they expected Trump to be physically removed from the WH and tar and feathered, shot...... Read More
Posted by jjohnson1957 with 36 views

Has Anyone Noticed?

Has anyone else that smfmystery always manages to make himself the hero of his stories? Narcissism much...... Read More
Posted by RumpledForeskin with 35 views

chag sameach!

chag sameach! POSTED ON APRIL 19, 2019 UPDATED ON APRIL 19, 2019 Today is a BIG preparation day since Pesach is at sundown … but being good slaves to the tictoc machine, we will have it on the...... Read More
Posted by rusty-armor with 35 views

I really need a break,,,yup, really

alrighty then. I think I need a break Ya'll know the trouble I have been having with our resident teenager. I have been reading on what the hell is going on with kids these days and its like they...... Read More
Posted by 4lorac323 with 33 views

It will be a day

I had to shut my window last night. It got just a tad too chilly to leave it open. That makes me sad. But I am quite early for fresh breezes this year. Thank God I do not live next to a farm that has...... Read More
Posted by Jollyonehere with 33 views

The Spirit Has Turned Me into an Optimist. Truly.

Good things happen all the time; one merely needs to avoid watching the constant stream of bad news on CNN/MSNBC/Fox News in order to have the enthusiastic attitude needed to actually see those good t...... Read More
Posted by MisterCox with 33 views

love in your Heart

,,*Keep Love in your Heart A life without Love is a sunless garden with no ..Flowers.. by Oscar Wilde Irish ,poet and Author...... Read More
Posted by greenfairy with 32 views

A.O.C. Has A Mini. Me alexandri -ocasio-c rtez-impe sonator-c acks-up-t e-interne /...... Read More
Posted by iamtheeggman with 30 views

Republicans Are So Gay

COLUMBUS, Ohio – As Wes Goodman built a political career around values including "committed natural marriage," the 33-year-old Republican was secretly engaging in sexual encounters w...... Read More
Posted by Kafkaphony with 29 views

"Lest We Forget" (Grab the Kleenex if you watch the video)

Thursday 25th of April is Anzac Day when Australia and New Zealand remember the soldiers who fought and died at Gallipoli in Turkey in WWl. Anzac stands for Australia New Zealand Army Corp and many de...... Read More
Posted by Windancer with 28 views

Update: What's Going On?

John Haller's excellent Bible Prophecy Update from last week. Do not miss these. Even if you are not a believer these updates bring you news you will not hear elsewhere. Be ready for your blood t...... Read More
Posted by chspurgeon with 28 views


...... Read More
Posted by Jayyyohhh with 28 views

Carry Me Home in an Ambulance

Typical night out in Manchester this...... Read More
Posted by Oakie2012 with 28 views

Sneak preview - back of quilt

So the back of the quilt is done. It has a rose print with a single stripe that runs the length of it. The stripe has one black with a quilted rose with a small heart in the center The rose is a patte...... Read More
Posted by Zoey-Mae with 28 views

What Now?

Okay, let everyone take a deep breath, and let it out slowly. 2 and 1/2 years of investigation,'s over, finally over. What the Democrat's have been trying to prove over and over...... Read More
Posted by ellie1142545 with 28 views

Strip Bingo

Back from a couple of days in the Poconos where our gated community's lodge had an exciting evening last night. The community holds different events like dinners on weekends, arts and crafts eve...... Read More
Posted by merchandiser with 27 views

Keep Them Far Away From Me And My Country

Prince William wants Prince Harry, Meghan Markle 'as far away as possible': report By Jessica Sager | Fox News Facebook Twitter Flipboard Comments Print Email Video Prince Harry, Prince Wil...... Read More
Posted by wesleyonrot with 26 views

The Reason

The Reason - Reasons are nebulous things, they can change with the wind or with the liars who distort them for fun & profit...... Read More
Posted by udontsay with 25 views

The Joy Of Owning A Dog

This is a photo post containing 1 photo... Read More
Posted by ricciw55 with 24 views

Tulsi Gabbard Hits A Homerun With Her "trump Making America Saudi Arabia's Prostitute" - Here's Some Insight Into An Ugly Relati

John Chuckman COMMENT POSTED TO AN ARTICLE IN RUSSIA INSIDER “Gabbard Campaign Video Slams Trump for Making US 'The Prostitute of Saudi Arabia'” She's a clever, attractive p...... Read More
Posted by chuckman with 24 views


This is a photo post containing 5 photos... Read More
Posted by bluesonrisas with 24 views

Aliens among us.

So I've had conversations this week with people who believe that the Loch Ness Monster is really a top secret special ops spy sub marine. That bigfoot is an interdimensional time traveller and th...... Read More
Posted by rantshack with 23 views

Another of my favorite things! (I have so many!)

When I was able to afford it I ate out a minimum of 14 meals. As much as I use to love to cook, and did, I love eating out more. Unfortunately, restaurant prices have gone up way more than my income...... Read More
Posted by greatmartin with 21 views

christians (small c) spreading their hate

“I don’t want a theocracy, but, I guarantee you, they want a homo-ocracy. Yeah, they want a homo-ocracy.” This is not the first time Jackson has made extreme anti-LGBTQ statements...... Read More
Posted by GreatGayAuthor with 20 views

Dispensationalism and a Remnant In the Church Age?

Dispensationalism and a Remnant In the Church Age? Bernard Pyron See: "The remnant is the Jewish wing of the Church. The church is an airplane t...... Read More
Posted by halfback with 17 views

The "cathedral of the living" is also burning, why do not we do anything?

The "cathedral of the living" is also burning, why do not we do anything? April 18, 2019 1.08pm EDT The leopard of Love, a very rare species, has been considered critically endangered sin...... Read More
Posted by ceilede with 15 views

Frightening Words

The most frightening word I know is biopsy. The most frightening six-word sentence I know is we’ll need to do a biopsy. The sentence and the word when uttered by a medical person keep me up at...... Read More
Posted by epiphanettes with 13 views

Why Is My Marketing Strategy Not Working

As the owner of the business you already know how important it is for you to have the best marketing strategy possible in order for you to be able to reach out to your potential target group and of c...... Read More
Posted by businessmediagroup with 8 views

Online Shopping: Some Tips For The Best Offer

The Best Way To Order Online Safely And EasilyIf you want to buy something, you ought to give shopping on the internet a try. It allows you to purchase whatever you need and possess it sent by mail to...... Read More
Posted by elsafarias5797 with 7 views

Great Ideas To TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF Your Video Games

The Basics Of Playing Online Video GamesIf you've got a task to instruct or learn, there's a video game for it! From memorizing the alphabet to managing a small city or corporation, video ga...... Read More
Posted by zulmalemberg734 with 7 views

Can You Get Discounted Prices Internet Shopping? Consider The Following Tips!

The Way To Get The Most From Internet ShoppingIt really is obvious why shopping on the internet has exploded in recent times. The ease of on-line browsing through the comfort of your residence is attr...... Read More
Posted by vivien23e266 with 7 views

Understand Having The Best Deals On the internet

To Spend Less Online, Utilize These TipsYou could have wanted to use the web shopping, but you weren't too sure about regardless of whether your bank card amount and knowledge could be harmless...... Read More
Posted by edgardorris1 with 7 views

Strive These Video Sport Tips And Win More!

Video Sport Suggestions And Tricks To Set A brand new Excessive RatingIf you happen to play video video games, you understand how exciting the entire gaming experience is. Nonetheless, whether you...... Read More
Posted by melvina853517816 with 7 views


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